The massive hot sauce and marinade selection & Grove Market
        Winner of City Weekly's "Best Hot Sauce Selection"
"These sandwiches are BIG, in the Texas sense of the word!" - Salt Lake Magazine, 2001

"Piled high and made ready fresh to order by the hundreds, it is a rare human that can get his or her mouth around a Grove Market sandwich." - Deseret News, 1999

"Grove Market is celebrated
as both a sandwich shop and
a hot sauce mecca. Calling
a sandwich from Grove "large"
doesn't really communicate
what you're getting yourself
into. " - SLUG Magazine, 2011

Only willing, glutonous souls can handle the gargantuan lunch
lunch sandwiches that have become so popular with the working
folks across the city. - Salt Lake Magazine, "Best Places To Eat Cheap," 2007
"For more than 60 years of business, it proves that quality and quantity go hand in hand." - SLUG Magazine, 2011.